miercuri, februarie 28, 2007

Falling star...

Don`t trust your life in the hands of a falling star... This is not a warning :) ! What do I want to say is be careful what you wish for! So, my story begins in the summer of 2004...in a summer camp, situated in a mountain area...in a forest!...camp fires, grills everyday...it has a very happy period of the summer...a week with my friends...sweet life! But 6 days passed very quickly...It was Sunday morning...10:00 probably! I got-up, washed my face, brushed my teeth,and so on...woke my friends up!And in that moment, I felt that my life will never be the same! You may laugh, but that day really changed my life...
Everybody got-up, finally, but nobody was in the mood for some fun...they were packing, saying goodbye, or already gone!So, I began to pack also, and to begin collecting yahoo ID`s, phone numbers... A pretty boring day...It was 20:00 approximately!I was eating dinner at the lunch hall!At the table, I propose to my Friend to stay-up all the night, in the hall`s balcony!they accepted!
The time passed very slowly, like a river, trying to go up-hill!One by one, everybody was falling pray to SLEEP!In the middle of the night, I has left alone in the balcony..."I should go to sleep!", I said to myself!But I haven`t.
I said no, and I got a chair, and just stayed looking at the stars and listening to the forest, telling stories to the stars, rivers and animals!
It has 02.00. The sky has full with stars...So I began looking at them, trying to imagine myself dancing with them, and with the girl that I love...Then it fit me:"How does it feel to love someone?". I stayed 2min thinking about this, and still looking at the sky. then, I saw a star falling. I remembered that someone told me that if you make a wish when you see a star falling, the wish will come true. I did not believe in this story, but my heart did, so I wished:"I want to know how it feels to love a girl?"... And the hole night I haven`t seen another falling star... In the morning I went home. with my friends...
Time passed over my wish, and I forgot about it!
School started in autumn, and after one month, I began to love someone...but this is another story!

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corina spunea...

i know very well how that kind of experience really manage to change your conceptions, your thinking, your entire way to see life... and after reading your story i feel proud and honoured because, just like you, i also had the chance to live all the fun, crazyness, emotion, friendship and other life lessons from those unforgetable days.

txdave spunea...

You need some more careful editing, misspelled words, also internet readers usually respond to shorter posts, smaller bites, especially with complicated topics.

More visuals always a plus, see wht I mean:



good luck