miercuri, martie 28, 2007


How does it feel to feel? How does it feel to wake-up in the morning and feel the cold water on your face ... to smell the fresh morning air ... to see the sun rising over the sleepy city?
How does it feel to touch the door on your way out ... to see the room your leaving from ... to plan the day that its ahead?
How does it feel to talk to the person you were waiting to encounter that day ... to hear your voice in your mind ... to hear everything that she is saying ... to hear you talking to her ... to feel her breath as she is coming close to you ... to feel her lips gently stroking yours ... to feel your heart beating like mad in that instance ... to want to feel like that forever ...
How does it feel to see a smile on the street and to feel happy seeing that someone else is happy to...to hold her hand as she is putting her head on your shoulder ... to caress her hair ... to loose your self in her eyes?
How does it feel to go to sleep with her in your mind? How doe it feel to feel?
Imagine that the answer to all of the questions above is I DO NOT KNOW! Well ... in my opinion HEAVEN=FEEL! You can`t feel alive if you don`t feel! Without feeling we are just alive, waking zombies with no heart!
Remember, a smile from you, seen by a sad or confused person, can mean the difference between Heaven and Hell! So smile to your friends as much as you can, smile to your love, even if it is not close you..

sâmbătă, martie 24, 2007


A tear felt from the sky or from a persons face, for a lot of people means sadness. But why?
In my opinion, a tear is something to be glad for. If you cry from happiness or sadness, you should be glad, because it means that the person is alive. In my opinion, tear, warm or cold, is a very good think for the heart! So what if the tear is cold today, tomorrow it could be warm! Be happy to be alive, and be glad that you have a heart that is beating, and it could bring you the strongest feeling in the world. Only few have this potential!
But remember! The tear, must not trickle inside the heart, only outside, on the face!

luni, martie 19, 2007

I will love you

Day by day I look at you, not knowing what to do... I`d gladly give myself to you, but don`t ask for my heart... My heart is free, my heart is gone, my heart is just beside your window, waiting for you to open it, so it can enter in your life!
My heart chose to look after you, my heart chose to love you, but only you can choose to love me! Imagine that a smile from you, is like a key for me and every time you smile, a door to Heaven opens for me... You`re every word spoken will be like oxygen for me! You`re every kiss will be like a gift for me, a gift that I`ve waited for all my life.

If I was made of sand, and you were the ocean, I would dissolve myself to you, so I could be with you forever. If I were a snowflake, and you were an angel in the sky, I would fly to Heaven, just to melt myself on your lips. If I were to be the Sun, and you the Moon, I would never rest to run after you, even if it will took me 100 years, just to see you...
I will find you, and I will steal your heart, just as you stole mine the first time I dreamt of you! I`M NOT BLIND BUT I CAN`T SEE YOU. I`M NOT A FOUL, BUT I DREAM OF YOU. I`M NOT YOURS, I JUST LOVE YOU.

A boy and his heart

Once upon a time, there was a little boy that had a little heart! And he toked good care of it! The time passed and the boy and his heart were like the night and the stars, inseparable! Were one went, the other followed...

One morning, the boy woke up, and as he was waking, he felt something has missing... He was right! As the little boy was dreaming, a piece of his heart was taken by the girl of his dreams... The time passed, and piece by piece, the little boy has left without a heart... Sad and lonely, the little boy missed having his heart everywhere, with him...

One night, the little boy went to sleep... He began dreaming... and in his dream, the girl that toked his heart appeared... Angry, the boy rushed to ask the girl where his heart was... The girl smiled at him, and pointed to the stars... The boy suddenly woke-up! Confused, he went to the window and looked at the stars... And to his surprise, he saw the girls face drew in the stars, her voice in the nights wind, her eyes in the moons light... But his heart was not there... Sad, he went back to bed... That night, the girl appeared again in his dream, but this time, the boys heart was next to the girl... Then he realised that the girl and his heart were the same thing...

The next morning, the boy has verry happy, not because he got his heart back. His heart was lost forever! He was happy because, his heart was free, was everywhere around him... And why was he happy? Because with his heart being free, the little boy grew wiser, because he learnt an important lesson: IF YOU LOVE SOMETHING VERY MUCH, DON`T BE AFRAID TO LET IT GO... BECAUSE IF IT LOVES YOU, IT WILL RETURN BACK TO YOU, AND REMAIN WITH YOU FOREVER.


sâmbătă, martie 17, 2007

My first lesson

This is the story of my first love...it happened right after I made that wish!

It was about 3 years ago, in autumn! In that period I was involved in a contest, software contest, and there were a lot of things on my mind. Little that I knew, a girl was trying to talk to me, but I was to concentrated to notice her... After a month I think, after she got almost had enough of my attitude, she crossed my road, the road of my life. In two-three days we were holding hands, and kissing :D ! Cute!!! My past and hers were like water and fire! Everything around me shouted at me to stop this madness...this relationship! But I saw something in her, I can`t explain it but...I decided to continue despite some problematic issues (confidential).
We were together 7 months...After 2months, I made a mistake, that cost me much...I`ve stopped listening to my heart for a day and the next I found myself crying because I felt like I had cheated my every nature, her every smile, everything around me. (confidential) After that day, I made a promise to myself, to never cast away my heart, but to always listen to it, and to let more from my side, and to ask less of her! Big mistake.

The time was passing...everything looked like it was going good...but it was not! the reasons were clear to see:we were seeing one another maybe 5h per week, for different reasons, regarding her. But I didn`t gave a fuck!She was mine and I was hers, and this was all I wanted!
Time passed and after a verbal fight, we broke up! She got bored of me...In June! I was disappointed in me, and in my heart...After 3weeks she came back to me, and foolish of me, I toked her back in 2min...Forgetting all the reasons she brooked-up with me in the passed.It was summer, but I gave all my time, just waiting for her, and I ignored everything around me, friends, family...She was everything I wanted. After 2moths we brooked again. This time it was strange, because, I was kind-of expecting this, from the moment I toked her back.
So what do you thing I did? I decided to ignore her, Childish of me, but it helped. After 1 year I kind-of made peace...What did I learn?




PS: Confidential means that there are some details that are not mine to tell!

vineri, martie 09, 2007

My dream

A bright light opens my eyes... It was warm... Confused, I looked around me, to find myself on a river of green grass, flowing from the woods high above! It has flowing all around me, avoiding my feet, afraid of me.
I looked up, and saw beautiful flours, flying around me, rising from the river... I tried to move, but I could not. My feet were petrified, impossible to move, like they were not listening to my mind...Strange!, I said to myself. From the woods, I heard a voice, that seemed familiar to me.
Intrigued, I looked up, to see a white light, from the black sky, falling in the woods. I tried to run, afraid of what could that be...A figure was taking life from the black forest...It was a girl, but with two big black wings...She was coming in my direction... I tried to move my hands...my body! I closed my eyes...expecting the worst. After 2min, I opened my eyes, to find the sweetest thing I ever seen! My heart started to rise from my body, when her mysterious eyes, entered my body, my mind, my soul...her hand has holding my heart, but I was still living.
Then she came close to me, and kissed me...From my back, two white wings raised! I could move my hands, I could move my feet, I could fly! I looked at the girls, and she was smalling at me... I tried to kiss her... but the dream was over for me. I woke-up!
I realised what happened! It was my heart, taking to me, saying: "Your dream girl will be the one who takes your heart without asking, and will give you wings when you will most need to fly!...she will complete you!You will be hers for ever, but she will not be yours, because she will be all you are, all you see, all you want, all your life, all your future. And you do not own this things!"

miercuri, martie 07, 2007


Story of my soul... I always wanted to fly among the clouds in the day, and to dance in the night with the stars...

I always wanted to run in the woods side by side with the wolfs, to feel free to howl, to feel protected by the wood, to find comfort in laying on leafs and looking at the wind running from tree to tree, dancing like an angel, beautiful and quiet, but magical and all so mysterious...
Everything I always wanted....is to feel free...to feel free! But I can`t. So I have found freedom in loving who I desire, how I desire, and when I desire!
I love a smile, I love the beautiful voice that I hear every time of the day, like a whisper in my mind. I love the sweet face that I see every day in my eyes, when I close them...

luni, martie 05, 2007

What is love

What is love for you?Is it a feeling? Is it an idea? Is it a fantasy, a desire, a goal?Love is not in-love! You can be in-love everyday whit a different thing...Me for example, I fall in-love everyday, with the sunrise, every night with the sweet whisper of the stars...every time I see a beautiful girl :D
The big difference is that you can love only once with all your heart...If you`re lucky, you`re first love will last for ever, if not, when you break up, your heart will loose some of the shine it has, and you will loose some of the trust in it!When you fall in love, is not you that chooses, it`s your heat...

What do I want to say to you?In to be in-love every day :0 but in the night choose smartly who to love the next day, because it van bring you happiness or sadness!