luni, martie 05, 2007

What is love

What is love for you?Is it a feeling? Is it an idea? Is it a fantasy, a desire, a goal?Love is not in-love! You can be in-love everyday whit a different thing...Me for example, I fall in-love everyday, with the sunrise, every night with the sweet whisper of the stars...every time I see a beautiful girl :D
The big difference is that you can love only once with all your heart...If you`re lucky, you`re first love will last for ever, if not, when you break up, your heart will loose some of the shine it has, and you will loose some of the trust in it!When you fall in love, is not you that chooses, it`s your heat...

What do I want to say to you?In to be in-love every day :0 but in the night choose smartly who to love the next day, because it van bring you happiness or sadness!

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