vineri, martie 09, 2007

My dream

A bright light opens my eyes... It was warm... Confused, I looked around me, to find myself on a river of green grass, flowing from the woods high above! It has flowing all around me, avoiding my feet, afraid of me.
I looked up, and saw beautiful flours, flying around me, rising from the river... I tried to move, but I could not. My feet were petrified, impossible to move, like they were not listening to my mind...Strange!, I said to myself. From the woods, I heard a voice, that seemed familiar to me.
Intrigued, I looked up, to see a white light, from the black sky, falling in the woods. I tried to run, afraid of what could that be...A figure was taking life from the black forest...It was a girl, but with two big black wings...She was coming in my direction... I tried to move my body! I closed my eyes...expecting the worst. After 2min, I opened my eyes, to find the sweetest thing I ever seen! My heart started to rise from my body, when her mysterious eyes, entered my body, my mind, my soul...her hand has holding my heart, but I was still living.
Then she came close to me, and kissed me...From my back, two white wings raised! I could move my hands, I could move my feet, I could fly! I looked at the girls, and she was smalling at me... I tried to kiss her... but the dream was over for me. I woke-up!
I realised what happened! It was my heart, taking to me, saying: "Your dream girl will be the one who takes your heart without asking, and will give you wings when you will most need to fly!...she will complete you!You will be hers for ever, but she will not be yours, because she will be all you are, all you see, all you want, all your life, all your future. And you do not own this things!"

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